Depression can be debilitating to any individual as well as to their families, partner and friends. Depression can hit a person quite unexpectedly and for seemingly no reason.

Counselling can help. There is almost always a good reason why a person has become depressed - more often than not depression has a message and purpose in the life of the individual. Depression often signals one of two common features of a person's life:

1 - That they are not living life as they had hoped or expected, perhaps they are living in an empty marriage or relationship or their life has become all work... and no play. Or they are living a life that lacks purpose or meaning.

2 - Sometimes the person has tried to live their life to keep other people happy rather than taking ownership of it and making the choices for their life that would have met their own needs more fully.

In both of these cases counselling can help:

"Pills don't cure depression, only wisdom does"
                                                            - (Dorothy Rowe)

Counselling can help an individual to find the pathway out of their depression if they have the desire to explore their own needs more fully and take time to bring about the necessary changes to the way they have been living their life. Often this requires a reordering of priorities in life.

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