Mediation Assistance to Organisations

People Skills also provides a professional mediation service to organisations experiencing conflict or problems. Mediation can be highly effective in situations where communication as failed and the work environment is being negatively effected. Conflict can be toxic to any organisation, big or small. Bullying in the workplace can leave you liable for massive claims both civil and worker's compensation.

Contact us to discuss how a professional mediation process might benefit your organisation or business.

Training Opportunities

People Skills offers comprehensive training courses for organisations. The following is a list of People Skills training events that have been conducted in recent years:

When Helping You... Is Hurting Me!
Looking after people is important, but sometimes it can be detrimental to your own wellbeing. This one day workshop will help you work out how to care for people and yourself.

Understanding Depression
There is a strong chance that you know someone who is depressed. But depression is sometimes a confusing illness. This one day workshop will help you better understand depression, and what you can do to help people suffering this increasingly common illness.

Worker One Day: BOSS the next 
Have you found yourself suddenly promoted and supervising your colleagues? This training course for new supervisors will help you learn the skills to adjust to your new role and build a strong and dynamic team.

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator
This course can help your team members understand their strengths and talents.

Conflict Management
It's only natural that conflict will exist in any team. But a successful business will manage conflict and grow from it. This one day course will give your team the skills to manage conflict in the best possible way.

Basic Skills of Mediation
Dealing with people in conflict can be extremely difficult. This course will help you develop your mediation skills to resolve conflicts. You will learn how to help participants find common ground and reach compromises.

Customer Service
It's true that the most important asset for a business is its customers. But how do your team members handle difficult people? One bad experience with a difficult customer could severely damage your business's reputation. This one day workshop will give your team the skills to handle the most difficult customer in a friendly and professional manner.

Basic Counselling Skills
Supporting people through difficult times can be an extremely rewarding experience. This workshop will give help you to develop basic counselling skills such as reflective listening and empathy.

Grief and Loss
Losing a loved one is always hard, and people grieve in a variety of ways. This course will give you a better understanding of what grief is and how to help someone who is experiencing loss.

Helping Employees with Mental Health Issues
Mental health issues can affect anyone at anytime. But mental health can be hard to understand. This workshop will give you the skills to help your team members with mental health problems.

Contact Bruce Schubert at People Skills to discuss training solutions for your organisation.

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